How to Answer the Top 7 “Questions” people will have when you tell them you’re a Carnivore.

“Don’t let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth – don’t let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency.” 
― Aesop

If you embark on a journey of following the Carnivore diet, you can expect your efforts to be met with some resistance.  This WOE (way of eating) is so different, that resistance should be expected.

So, I’ve put together this 7 point guide for handling the questions people will inevitably have about the positive diet changes that you’re making in your life.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the purpose of this Cheat Sheet is to help you, the Carnivore, feel confident when lively debates pop up.  You might convince some people to try Carnivore, and that’s awesome, but the goal here is to prevent people from getting you off of your chosen path.

As a rule, I think it’s best to not even get into what you eat with other people.

However, when people do find out, they will ask about Carnivore.  Here’s my rough analysis of the different reactions you’ll get, based on my experience:


  • Genuinely Curious:  Upbeat, open-minded people who see how happy and healthy you are and curious about whether Carnivore might work for them.  They might have questions, but they’ll be open to listening to what you say.


  • Scared:  People who react this way tend to follow what their doctors, the USDA, and the fine, completely unbiased, and virtuous people at Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, Nabisco, Glaxo Smith-Klein, and Novartis have to say about diet.  These people, despite probably being unhealthy and unhappy, will be very skeptical of this WOE because it flies against everything they’ve been told.  These people actually think you will die if you skip Corn Flakes and Mountain Dew for breakfast.


  • Sanctimonious:  Some people will think that you hate animals and are destroying the environment, and, as such, are a terrible person.  There’s roughly a 100% chance that these people enjoy watching documentaries on Netflix.


Ok, so with that out to the way, here are the 7 most likely/most often occurring “Questions” they’ll have for you.

Note 1:  I owe a great debt of gratitude to the “World Carnivore Tribe” on Facebook, who helped me come up with this list.  If you haven’t already, join the group as it’s a great resource for Carnivore adherents.

Note  2:  This site is a little hobby for me, so I had a some fun with these; I hope you enjoy.

Number 1:   “You’re gonna get high cholesterol & die of a heart attack; probably tomorrow!”  

Number 2:  “Ok, fine, maybe you won’t have a heart attack tomorrow, but what about colon cancer?  I heard red meat causes cancer, you know that, right?”

Number 3:  “Hmm, ok, but don’t you need fiber to poop?  Won’t you be constipated?  Everybody knows that it’s impossible to poop without your daily kale smoothie or fiber-infused pop tarts.”

Number 4:  “Vitamins, though!  What about vitamins?  Plants have super-special vitamins and minerals that you need or you’ll die.”

Number 5:  “What about scurvy?  You automatically get it if you don’t drink orange juice with Frosted Flakes, right?  I heard Ferdinand Magellan lost 80% of his crew while crossing the Pacific in 1520.  We’re supposed to go fishing tomorrow, should I order a pizza right now, just to be safe?”

Number 6:  “Well, it’s not just about you and your diet, what about animals?  I love animals.  All of ’em, and eating animals causes them to die, and I don’t want them to die, I want animals to live, we should be nice to animals and not eat them.  That’s why I’m a vegan.  Because I’m nice.  I’m a good person who cares about animals.”

Number 7:  “Hmm, well what about the environment?  I heard gas from cows causes earthquakes or tsunamis or Godzilla or something really bad, and I don’t want anything to do with that, which is why I eat doughnuts.”

I hope you find this Carnivore Cheat Sheet valuable either in real debates or just for laughs.

I’ll be updating this periodically, in the meantime, “just eat a steak.”

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